The emotions of the five senses, the flavours of the ‘Five lands’

A valley …to be tasted. The Cinque Terre of Gandino Valley in the province of Bergamo offer countless opportunities to discover art, culture and sport, thanks to some original and well-renowned events which are rooted in its fascinating ancient past. Gandino, Leffe, Casnigo, Peia and Cazzano S. Andrea are a must see for those who want to experience timeless treasures at first hand and want to combine the delight for the eyes, with the pleasure for the ears, the emotion of perfumes and, above all, the enthusiasm of the palate. The Cinque Terre in the mountains offer delicious typical food which is rightfully part of the excellent cuisine from Seriana Valley and Bergamo.

Talented craftsmen prepare the casoncelli , a kind of ravioli, and the capù, stuffed rolls made with cabbage leaves. Thanks to the mountain pastures the formagelle, the typical cheese, are the emblem of a first class dairy production, confirmed by the registered trademark of the ‘Consorzio di Casnigo’. The cured meats boast a well renowned tradition, ranging from the typical salami and the aromatic pancetta, to the specialities made with wild board meat. Peia is home to these specialities: here the wild boar can be found on the council coat of arms and can be tasted at the annual fair on the third Sunday in September.

Gandino boasts a particular record as it was the first place where corn was cultivated in Lombardy and where the first polenta was made. In the early years of the sixteenth century a foresto (foreigner) brought some corn to the valley and planted it in a place called ‘Clusven’, on the mountainside of Peak Corno, towards Valpiana. A new local variety of corn was born: the ‘spinato of Gandino’ which is the main ingredient of the Melgotto biscuits, prepared by the local bakers, and of the Spinata, a kind of focaccia especially prepared at the restaurant Albergo Caffè Centrale, in the town hall square. In Cirano you will find cakes with “spinato” in Baraonda restaurant. It can be eaten together with seasonal specialities or in its classic version with local formagella and salami.

Casnigo is home to the baghèt, the local kind of bagpipe and also to the Garibalda, the typical bread created with a particular mix of flours by Giacomo Zucca from Casnigo, which won the Chamber of Commerce and Aspan Award in 2009. Typical of the cuisine from Casnigo is the Chesciöla. The prilgrims who visited the Santuario della Trinità used to consume this pudding together with fresh milk while sitting in the fields just outside the church, which is considered the Sistin Chapel of the province of Bergamo. Those who are fond of the flavours of our land should stop in Leffe and Cazzano. In Leffe they can find the unique traditional hand made ice cream and pastries, while in Cazzano the annual chicory fair takes place in springtime. Those who love the flavours of the past are strongly recommended to visit Peia, where the traditional trippa can be ordered a la carte at the Trattoria Scarni. Lovers of fine wine should come to the Santuario della Trinità in Casnigo, where at the beginning of September the event BereBergamo takes place: hre they can to enjoy in moderate quantity the fine Valcalepio wines from the province of Bergamo.