Gandino - The old Ciodera Torri

The Ciodera Torri is probably the last industrial building of its kind still in existence in Italy.
It was used until a few decades ago for hanging and drying woollen baize cloths of which Gandino was a thriving manufacturer from 1400 onward. It was restored for exhibition and educational purposes in 2012.

After being processed and felted, the woollen baize cloths were hung for drying. The structures used for this purpose were the “ciodere”, drying stands with a southern exposure on steep slopes linking the Romna valley with the highlands where Gandino stands.

The Val Gandino panorama once abounded with these structures but many were lost or converted for residential use in time. They were mostly composed of masonry on three sides whereas the southern side was completely open.
The structure was made of wood with movable horizontal poles where the woollen baize cloths were fastened.
The poles were fitted with long rows of nails individually forged by hand, thereby giving it the name “Ciodera”.