Gandino - The Corn Garden

The “Giardino del Mais” is the site of a life-sized reproduction of one of seventeen monolithic stones belonging to the pre-Columbian Olmec civilisation, preserved at the Museo de la Venta de Villahermosa in Mexico.
The original cast was authorised by the Mexican government in 1992 on the fifth centenary of the discovery of America and was donated to Gandino by the Fondazione Bernareggi in Bergamo.

An agreement was signed in 2013 creating a Network Internazionale sui Mais Antichi (International Network of Old Corn Varieties), which the main national institutions and a series of organizations aimed at safeguarding the Piedmont and Veneto areas have joined.
These are flanked by Mexican teacher Juan Manuel Martinez Valdez and Bolivian expert Maurizio Bagatin, representing the main South American organisations.