Gandino - The church of S. Maria Nascente

The name “del Suffragio” (of Suffrage) with which all Gandino inhabitants refer to this church is connected to the presence of the altar for the deceased and the worship of the Addolorata (Our Lady of Sorrow), however in reality the church (which in found at the end of the Basilica churchyard) is dedicated to Saint Mary Nascent.

Each year in September a simulacrum is displayed of the Infant Mary, a special statue made of beeswax and therefore requiring special care during the year. The simulacrum probably did not belong to the Suffragio church but was one of the old orphanage’s possessions.

The church is home to another Marian simulacrum, that of the Addolorata, in a liturgical context which underlines the various moments in the life of Mary.
Worship services, with a solemn procession and singing of the Stabat Mater, are held the third Sunday of September.