Gandino - The Church of San Lorenzo

The Church of San Lorenzo in Barzizza (a parish church once) is dedicated to the saint martyred in 258 A.D. and patron of deacons, cooks and firefighters.
The area where the Church is located above the current parish church of San Nicola, was once a hermitage and is now a private residence, defined by documents then as the “hermitage of Poot”.
At the end of the 20th century, the old shrines were restored which created a true route of prayer from the San Nicola parish church to the Santuario (Sanctuary).

The small shrines, with their restored masonry parts, now house the paintings by Barzizza native Sister Cristina Picinali, an enclosed nun in the San Benedetto convent in Bergamo and painter of the coat of arms of the Bishop of Fidenza, Monsignor Carlo Mazza, from Entratico in the Bergamo region.